Consumer Survey Feedback on Recently Launched Products

DEMDACO routinely surveys more than 4,000 individuals during the product development process to determine what will resonate with consumers. The following gifts are now available in our most recent product launch and this is what survey respondents thought of them.

Welcome to the World Message Friend

Whether it’s the centerpiece of a baby shower or at baby’s home, this friend is meant to be covered with messages of love from family and friends who come to welcome the new little one. This sweet friend makes a unique, personalized keepsake gift to cherish.

What consumers said they like about it:

“Highly emotionally engaging and unique.”

“The messaging is a cute keepsake.”

“It’s a great idea!”

“Great shower gift.”

Double Oven Mitt

Double oven mitt layed out as a trivet.

The functional decorative double mitt hot pad for handling hot cookware can also function as a trivet for informal serving. These are fun and unique for simple gifts or self-purchases. Various art, patterns and textures are applied which reflect everyday moments and special occasions that take place in the kitchen and around the dinner table. Available in a broad assortment of designs to fit various home décor styles.

What consumers said they like about it:

“Useful and functional.”

“Great gift idea!”

“I like the designs.”

“The double use aspect is unique.”

Giving Neck Wrap

Give the gift of relaxation and comfort after a long day with the Giving Neck Wrap. This Neck Wrap provides the perfect amount of weight using natural clay beads to soothe muscles and promote relaxation. Microwave to heat for tender areas or put it in the freezer to reduce swelling. Packaged as a gift-to-go in a sophisticated gift box includes a keepsake hang tag with heartfelt message.

What consumers said they like about it:

“Makes someone feel better emotionally and physically.”

“A good gift for any reason.”

“Soothing and provides comfort.”

“Fashionable design and heat/cool feature.”

Your Journey Weekender Bag

Your Journey Weekender Bag

Your Journey Bag is the ideal companion for every woman on life’s journey. The varied fabrics used on every bag celebrate each woman’s unique story and path. Life is a lot like the fabrics sewn together on this bag. Each panel has a unique story to tell . . . like us.

A large overnight travel tote with unique on-trend fabrics, hints of denim decorative hand stitching accent. Each bag includes a fabric hang tag with the Journey message, creating a great gift opportunity for various milestones in a loved one’s life.

What consumers said they like about it:

“The message and functionality.”

“Size and usefulness”

“Makes a practical gift”

“The design and the sentiment.”

Comfort Lounge Shirt

This oversized comfort lounge shirt is made with an extremely soft knit fabric for you to relax in as you start or end your day. The figure-flattering shape is perfect for lounging or sleeping. Each is packaged with uplifting, positive message printed on a fabric hang tag with envelope, designed to create an uplifting gift.

What consumers said they like about it:

“Good tunic length.”

“Great for a care package.”

“Looks comfortable and soft.”

“Would buy for sister and friends.”

Pocket Prayer Bear

Designed to hold special prayers close to his heart, our Prayer Bear and Blanket feature a corduroy pocket. Each Bear and Blanket comes with one pre-printed prayer card, add your own prayers or note in the pocket before giving to your special little one.

What consumers said they like about it:

“Great teaching tool.”

“Great gift for many occasions.”

“The prayer card and spiritual aspect.”

“Highly emotional and unique.”

Giving Slipper Socks

These Giving Slipper Socks were created to give your feet a cozy, warm hug, knit together with love to remind you someone is always thinking of you. Packaged as a gift-to-go, including a keepsake hang tag with heartfelt message. Great for chilly hospital rooms and cold feet everywhere.

What consumers said they like about them:

“They look handmade”

“Non-slip bottoms”

“The colors and they look warm and cozy.”

“Would make a great gift.”