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The Linn Family
Retailer Profile: Linn’s Fruit Stand
A profile on the Linn family, owners of several businesses that sell gifts in Cambria, California. The Linn family includes DEMDACO products in their mix of inventory.
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Sharon Nowlan
Sharon Nowlan and Holidays in Pictou
DEMDACO launched the nature-inspired artwork of Sharon Nowlan in 2018, and since then, she’s become a top-seller. Hailing from the coastal Nova Scotian town of…
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Planning for a Successful New Year in Retail
Following the holiday rush, it can be a challenge to transition your retail store into a new year without a solid plan in place.
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Consumer Testing Helps DEMDACO and Our Retailers Make Smarter Investments
DEMDACO routinely conducts surveys of more than 4,000 consumers and over 1,000 retailers during the product development to determine which new gift concepts are most-likely to succeed in the marketplace.
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Sharon Nowlan Art Handcrafted in China
Many of DEMDACO's fine art reproductions are handcrafted by skilled hands in China, where we've done business and built strong relationships for more than 20 years.
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Celebrating Five Years of Art Hearts: One Retailer’s Story
Art Hearts, DEMDACO’s top-selling collection of heart-shaped sculptures, is celebrating five years of artful creation. Each heart features a colorful illustration from a popular artist…
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Millennial Baby Activity Scarf
What Millennial Parents Value in Baby Gifts
Millennials are, on average, six percent more likely to purchase a baby gifts than older demos! Here’s what we learned Millennial parents look for in gifts.
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Journey Collection weekender bag
Big Hits at Summer Gift Shows
So far, these are some of the DEMDACO creations trending at the 2019 summer markets.
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Gatherings Wooden Ladle
NEW Serve Ware and Wooden Spoons from the Gatherings Collection
Gathering for an ordinary meal isn’t so ordinary when shared with loved ones. The Gatherings collection features heirloom-quality pieces in warm, neutral colors that complement many room and home décor styles.
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DEMDACO colleagues at Wayside Waifs on Giving Day.
Giving Day is One Way DEMDACO Lives Its Mission
Our offices were closed on June 12, 2019 for Giving Day, when 130 DEMDACO colleagues supported community service organizations instead of performing their typical job duties.
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