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Thankful Heart Mug
Gifts of Gratitude for Appreciation Days and to say “Thank You”
April 24 is Administrative Professionals’ Day, which is a time to show thanks for all that these office colleagues do throughout the year. May 6…
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Cream Giving Shawl
Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Adore
It can be challenging to find the best gifts for mom—someone who selflessly gives all the time. Mothers often say a phone call or quick…
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Dean Crouser photo
Artist Profile: Dean Crouser
Dean Crouser’s distinctively-vibrant watercolor artwork adds the beauty of nature to a wide-variety of DEMDACO accent décor, brightening homes and gatherings for nearly any occasion.…
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Blue Receiving Blanket
Gifts of Faith for Religious Milestones
Spirituality means something different to everyone. But a few things are for sure: Faith, love, and hope are all part of the human condition. Giving…
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reflections terrarium
Valentine’s Gift Guide
Valentine’s Day can be one of the most fun times to give. The occasion to someone how your heart feels through unique gift-giving is a…
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Soul Care Angel
Kelly Rae Roberts introduces Soul Care
In addition to celebrating 10 years of working with Kelly Rae Roberts, DEMDACO is also pleased to release her new line of Soul Care artwork.…
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Blessing Blanket
Gift Ideas for Babies & New Parents
Having a baby is one of the happiest things most people will ever experience, and some of the best memories are made during those first…
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Gift Ideas for Cooks & Entertainers
For many, cooking and entertaining is more than just feeding family and friends—it’s a serious hobby and stress-reliever that requires focus, patience, experimentation, and the…
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Holiday Gift Ideas for Mom & Dad
Parents can be hard to shop for — especially during the holidays. They do so much for us throughout the year, and it can be…
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2018 Holiday Gift Guide
The holidays are here, which means it’s time to look for the most meaningful gifts for loved ones and friends. Here are some DEMDACO selections…
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